“Design is not only what you see and feel. The design is how it works”. - Steve Jobs

The homes are manufactured in partnership with Neoblock Modular, creating unique spaces, functional and with design, through a system of production and assembly of habitable industrialized modules.

All projects of collective buildings, advanced technical solutions and exclusive homes, are unique and custom made.

The work team is made up of experts with more than 30 years of experience in the industrialized construction sector. From the own production plant within the Community of Madrid there is response to all types of projects at national and international level. Being manufacturers allows to manage the entire process of constructive development, from the initial idea of the project to the final delivery.

The maximum technical guarantees used, give the modular construction system many advantages over traditional systems, thus betting on a more sustainable construction, fast, adaptable over time and of high quality.


  1. Reduction of costs and execution time.
  2. Greater work safety and reduction of possible occupational risks.
  3. Accurate construction and high quality, meeting the requirements of the CTE.
  4. Flexibility of finishes, product adaptability and possibility of expansion.
  5. Possibility of relocation of the house in other locations.
  6. Bet for sustainability from the way of building, through optimization and recycling.
  7. Reduction of discomfort to the final owner, acoustic impact, waste, etc.
  8. Realization of the project, design, manufacture and assembly of the house.
  9. Structural safety and precision of the metallic structure, especially in seismic zones.
  10. Accessible housing with anticipation of the need for a lift in the future.


The proposed mAs (modular Architecture system) consists of the manufacture of three-dimensional modules built in a workshop assembly line, fully equipped and installed prior to transport and assembly on site.

The modules are assembled on a previously executed foundation, joining together to form the complete building.

The development of modular construction applied to housing follows the increase of a trend that began in the middle of the last century in the United States and was promoted at the beginning of the 21st century by advances in industry and digital technology. The current situation requires that the construction industry advance in parallel with the rest of the technology. With less economic means, greater progress should be achieved in the control of costs, time and quality, without forgetting the impact on the environment and sustainability.

The modular construction achieves more affordable housing, better built, aware of its ecological footprint and future maintenance.

In a word, an authentic construction industry of the future.


Profiles of laminated steel with rigid knots, forming self-supporting frames, designed for the transmission of vertical loads to the foundation, as well as the horizontal loads of wind and the dynamics of transport. Collaborative slab formed by sheet steel and concrete with cast armor.


Lightweight materials of large format and high performance, assembled in workshop and finished joints in work. The thermal and acoustic insulation parameters, as well as the impermeability required in the CTE, are guaranteed.