bhome | hogar [ Del b. lat. focāris, adj. der. de focus, fire ]
The birthplace of the fire. The space where one lives. Group living in a house.

Daedalus was a very renowned Greek architect. Icarus was the son of Daedalus, builder of the labyrinth of Crete. He taught everything to his son. Sculpture, Architecture and the craving for freedom. “Men don’t have wings, but we will build them and then we will fly”. Icarus found daring the plan of his father. Fascinated with the lightness of his body in the air, he decided to fly. [Myth of Icarus and Daedalus]

bhome was born from the alliance between ArcelorMittal, world leader in steel production and [baragaño], a specialized in Modular Architecture studio.

After constructing buildings of great technical demand, such as the Cruise Terminals in the Ports of Bilbao and Gijon, as well as the I & D Centers of ArcelorMittal, now the system is implemented in the field of housing, offices, hotels.

Techniques of the future for a new way of conceiving construction, a high-quality product, close to the technological avant-garde, to the automotive industry and aeronautics. Customizable projects that allow their growth and offer a way to build much more versatile, fast and rational.